Hell Snatch

by The Smell of Death

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released January 1, 2012


all rights reserved



The Smell Of Death Staunton, Virginia

Our music is one big fat fucking ode to heavy metal, norse gods, death, war, beer, pestilence, sex, chaos and everything that rocks. Our music eats children and our synergy melts faces. Yes, synergy motherfuckers. We have a high concentration of synergy. We also have an alarmingly prodigous amount of metal sex drive as well. Ask your mom. She'll tell you. ... more

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Track Name: To the Trenches
Where do we go from here
To the trenches
Where do we face our fears
To the trenches
Pile the bodies high
To the trenches
Tonight’s the night you die
To the trenches

Fifty thousand soldiers strong, fifty million flies
Fifty thousand bayonets taking fifty thousand lives

Mothers send your sons
To the trenches
They’re buried with their guns
To the trenches
Dig in good and deep
To the trenches
Pray your souls to keep
To the trenches
Track Name: The Witches
Brother and sister a walk in the woods, they’ll fatten up nice
I’ll put some in pudding I’ll put some in pies, I’ll cook them with rice

Grind their bones, steal their souls, they can do nothing
Grab the little fuckers put them both into the oven

Cook them til tender add pepper to taste, they’ll be easy to chew
I’ll grind their bones to make my bread, put their flesh in my stew
Track Name: Party Time
I can’t stand it, I can’t get enough. I gotta get, gotta get fucked up
I came to party if you know what I mean. A case of beer and a bag of green
You just got here it’s time to catch up. Beer won’t do man you gotta do a shot
Let’s party let’s get to the point. Drink this liquor and smoke this joint

Cause it’s party time

Too drunk too drunk to drive. I’ll stick around and keep the party alive
Let’s party, let’s get pissed. Let’s make that girl show us her tits
I winked my eye and it made her smile, she’ll be mine in a little while
She’ll put up a fight but I know she’ll give in, just as soon as that liquor kicks in

I woke up in a pile of sick but I’m pretty sure that she sucked my dick
My head hurts and I feel half dead. I gotta fix I gotta fix my head
I can’t stand it I had too much. I got too I got too fucked up
My head hurts but I know what I need, another beer and a bag of weed.
Track Name: Cancion de Guerra
Soldiers, we have to succeed this time
Our goal take down the enemy lines
Brave men, put all your feelings aside
March forth into the wire and mines
(so we can)

Celebrate our win.
Feel our women’s skin.
Fill them to the brim
and raise them up for all who died

For honor or boxes of pine,
brave men step into the firing line
Sink deep, into the bodies and brine
One chance, take their defenses in time
(so we can)

Celebrate our win.
Feel our women’s skin.
Fill them to the brim
and raise them up for all who died
Track Name: Hell Snatch
We walked into hell,
one thing on our minds,
we wanted to find,
something to get into

We sat at the bar,
two things on our minds,
we wanted to find,
women and cold brew

Hellsnatch, it’s hot stuff.
Hellsnatch, can’t get enough

She winked her eye,
one thing on her mind,
she wanted to find,
someone she could count on
She licked her lips,
one thing on her mind,
she wanted to find,
someone to go down on

Hellsnatch, it’s hot stuff.
Hellsnatch, can’t get enough

Here comes Satan and he’s fucking pissed,
he caught his daughter with a handful of dicks
He should have been proud of her multi-tasking,
we gotta get back to the surface quick
Gotta get back to the surface real quick
we gotta get back to the surface soon
Track Name: Drawn and Quartered
You stand here before us
with blood on your hands
And your enemy forces,
on a quest for our lands
Your trespass awakened
a deep seeded grudge
Now you’re forsaken
no jury no judge

For us to keep law and order
you must be drawn and quartered

Keep the women and children,
let them carry home the parts
And take home this warning,
strike fear in their hearts
If you take us for granted
they’ll take you home dead
Cause violence of action
is our daily bread

For us to keep law and order
you must be drawn and quartered
Track Name: Crockagator
Daddy told me there was gators in the sewers,
til now I thought it was a lie
Who knew that underneath the sidewalk,
they began to hybridize
I seen a girl walking down the sidewalk
she disappeared into a drain
In a nest of deadly lizards,
brought about by toxic rain

It’s the crocagator, annihilator

Prehistoric killing drones,
controlled by a voodoo queen
On there way to mardi gras,
raising hell in New Orleans
I watched the people fall in numbers,
they were taken out at the knees
I watched them run for cover,
as I headed for the trees

It’s the crocagator, annihilator

Birdseye view of death’s destruction,
as the blood began to flow
Unholy feeding frenzy,
unfolding just below
Track Name: Beardfist's Revenge