Welcome to Hell - Remastered

by The Smell Of Death

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5 Bullets 04:05
There’s a body in my basement and they all know I did it Her blood is on my shoestring but I will not admit it I think she made me angry, or maybe I was bored I might have done it for the devil, or maybe for the lord The cops are on the corner, they’re knocking on the doors I am busy with my hacksaw and mopping up my floors I hear them on my doorstep, I see their suits of blue Sweat is on my forehead, blood is on my shoe Do I make my stand, is it time to run Blood is on my hands, five bullets in my gun With my eye against the keyhole, my gun against the door I watch the bullet hit his shoulder, I watch him hit the floor His partner grabbed his pistol, so I shot him in the thigh I heard him call for backup as I made my way outside I steadied on his forehead and let the hammer fall I heard sirens in the distance, as I headed down the hall His partner finally shot me, I hit the floor stunned With one bullet in my left leg and one bullet in my gun But I made my stand, no I’ll never run Blood is on my hands, no bullets in my gun
There is a place where angels burn and demons roam the halls Satan’s gears they turn If you can’t pass the pearly gates, they’ve got you by the balls Now it’s time to burn The awful smell, the tolling bell Welcome to hell In the darkness of the shadows, where the angels go to die You make the sign of the cross Screaming bodies of the children hang dripping as they die You must drink this bloody broth The awful smell, the tolling bell Welcome to hell
Gather round me brothers, let us join our hands We must inform the others, there are strangers in our lands Rally archers from the mountains and farmers from the moore Poison all the fountains and sound the horns of war Out here in the darkness we see their fires glow Tomorrow we will crush them in the valley down below We se them drawing near, to face their dying day To the archers at my rear, I turn to them and say Let loose the arrows, send forth the hounds They will die before they try to take this ground Unleash the fury, we’re glory bound With weapons high our battle cry will shake the ground Run forth to meet them, they all must die Valhalla waits so choose thy fate, let the arrows fly In the shadow of the battle, we hear their wounded cry Crucify the fallen, leave the rest to die Keep thy weapons at the ready, always by thy side Keep your arrows sharpened shout out our battle cry
.50 Cal 03:30
Crucifixion it ain’t fiction, nowadays we just use ammunition Feel the bullets flying past, see the smoke from my muzzle blast In the bushes to the right, targets spotted Firefight We’re locked and loaded 50cal Small arms fire what a joke, I pull my trigger and you explode You make me angry, I’ll make you dead. Send you home full of lead Nice skull I’m gonna crack it, taste my full metal jacket We’re locked and loaded motherfucking 50cal This is for all you metal bands out there singing about broken hearts We’re coming for you, motherfuckers. Guns fucking drawn And its fucking ON 50cal
Walking through the woods you stop dead in your tracks Goosebumps on your arms, the hair raises on your back You try to run so far away but the fear won’t let you flee You hear it in the distance but its too far off to see Footsteps drawing nearer like the beating of the drums It’s read eyes showing clearer, something wicked this way comes You try to run you try to scream you can feel it closing in You feel its breath against your neck and it’s evil on your skin Your feet kick in you start to run you think you’re free at last Then you feel it’s teeth break the skin and you can’t escape its grasp Total darkness no way out you’ve left no trail of crumbs Its much too late you’ll die tonight something wicked this way comes Your savior cannot save you now, your god is too far away You feel it’s death-grip tighten and there is no time left to pray Your gravestone and you epitaph they will not bear a name Just a single sentence Something wicked this way came
What started off as small talk has now turned into this Me stuck between this barstool and your flapping fucking lips I’m starting to get angry, fuck that I’m getting pissed Finish off my whiskey and tighten up my fists Kicked in the fucking face Somebody is getting kicked in the fucking face Someone is gonna end up hurt, maybe end up dead With you lying on the sidewalk with my footprint on your head They’re wiping off your forehead while I’m wiping off my shoe If your buddies jump in, we’ll beat their asses too So the next time that you see us and you feel like acting strange You may be out of kicking distance but you’re still in pistol range Kicked in the fucking face
Demon army gather your gear, rapture is set the end is near Sharpen your axes sharpen your knives, leave no one breathing, everyone dies Board up the windows stay inside, we will find you and you will die Carnage is coming run and hide, we will find you and you will die Burn all the children hear their screams, kill all the parents crush their dreams Kill all the mortals but keep them fresh, our victory dinner will be their flesh There is no rest for the wicked, too much killing to be done The end it will be bloody, but it will be fun
You walked the road of the heroes then you caught the disease You spoke the words of the angels now you lie with the beasts Sent us to foreign lands, now we lie in the desert sands Salute and sign for you, lay down and die for you You blow the hull then you bail, it’s the end of the age of murder Hung by the neck until dead, blood filled lungs gasping breath You feel the rope reach it’s end, these desert dunes to defend March to the gallows, go forth and die, II told you to die Another born-again sinner fucking born into greed You send your babies to die and then you preach to the week Salute and sign for you, my brothers died for you You blow the hull then you bail, it’s the end of the age of murder Now you force us to stay, you take our lives away these evil memories replay, you’ve taken everything Salute and sign for you I’d fucking die for you You blow the world then you bail
Golden Age 04:18
Tensions were mounting on our 13th month of sail Ten dead and counting, five lost in a winter gale One year of sailing and we’ve not seen a single whale It’s time to change our course it’s time for our betrayal That ship is fat with gold 2000 pounds of silver deep within its hold We met in secret all with mutiny on our lips Next day at sunrise someone spied a distant ship Though our eyeglass British colors in the breeze All hands on deck lets set sail for piracy They’re back from selling slaves, they will not make it home they’ll die beneath these waves If we ourselves head home we’ll surely face the courts Our only option now, set sail for foreign ports A crew of whaling men made rich by British spoils But wine and women wait on Carribean soils They’ll never find us hidden in these coastal cave We will stand and fight or die beneath the waves A crew of whaling men all condemned to swing We will wait for them and all the time we’ll sing Yo Ho
Boood Red 05:24
She came she saw she’s dead, her white dress was stained blood red The look the smell of death, her white dress stained red, blood red Lawmen on the prowl, dogs begin to howl The time to run is now, dogs begin to howl They found her there, on the stairs, her father is broken and he wants to get even He grabbed his gun, he’s on the run, he tried to warn you but you didn’t believe him A dark and lonely road, nowhere else to go Her father is in tow, nowhere else to go He came he saw they’re dead, his hands were stained blood red The day they were to wed, his hands stained red, blood red The dogs found you, blood all around you, he left a note on your chest that read I did it, I admit it but that little fucker was better off dead This time it’s time for change, must have gone insane Cause he blew out all his fucking brains, must have gone insane He came he saw he’s dead, the walls were stained blood red The look the smell of death, the walls stained red, blood red
Put your fists in the air, let them fall like rain When the bone hits the flesh you’re gonna fall, just like a mother fucker Put your guns in the air, the bullets fall like rain When the lead hit’s the flesh you’re gonna die, just like a motherfucker You’re going down into the flames, your gonna burn we’ll feed you to the devil We’re throwing bows everywhere, make you feel the pain When the bone hits the flesh, you’re gonna fall just like a motherfucker Dropping boots on your face, make you feel the pain When the boot hits the flesh, you’re gonna die just like a motherfucker


The Smell of Death is:
Vocals: Ricky Biznez
Drums: BeardFist
Guitar: Patrick Doom
Guitar: Cousin Adventure
Bass: Brother Dave

Re-released June 25th, 2020

Music and Lyrics by The Smell of Death except 'Blood Red' and '50 Cal' music by Aaron Miller and The Smell of Death.

All Songs recorded in the Depths of Hell Studios

Recording and Engineering by Scoville Sound Studios

Album cover artwork by Michael Heath Pecorinio

Photography by Kate Simon Devito Photography


released June 25, 2020


all rights reserved



The Smell Of Death Staunton, Virginia

Our music is one big fat fucking ode to heavy metal, norse gods, death, war, beer, pestilence, sex, chaos and everything that rocks. Our music eats children and our synergy melts faces. Yes, synergy motherfuckers. We have a high concentration of synergy. We also have an alarmingly prodigous amount of metal sex drive as well. Ask your mom. She'll tell you. ... more

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