from Hell Snatch by The Smell of Death



Daddy told me there was gators in the sewers,
til now I thought it was a lie
Who knew that underneath the sidewalk,
they began to hybridize
I seen a girl walking down the sidewalk
she disappeared into a drain
In a nest of deadly lizards,
brought about by toxic rain

It’s the crocagator, annihilator

Prehistoric killing drones,
controlled by a voodoo queen
On there way to mardi gras,
raising hell in New Orleans
I watched the people fall in numbers,
they were taken out at the knees
I watched them run for cover,
as I headed for the trees

It’s the crocagator, annihilator

Birdseye view of death’s destruction,
as the blood began to flow
Unholy feeding frenzy,
unfolding just below


from Hell Snatch, track released January 27, 2012


all rights reserved



The Smell Of Death Staunton, Virginia

Our music is one big fat fucking ode to heavy metal, norse gods, death, war, beer, pestilence, sex, chaos and everything that rocks. Our music eats children and our synergy melts faces. Yes, synergy motherfuckers. We have a high concentration of synergy. We also have an alarmingly prodigous amount of metal sex drive as well. Ask your mom. She'll tell you. ... more

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